Hello, how nice of you to drop by my portfolio!

Wouter Buning - icon designer / freelance concept & visual designer

Afloat - icon family
TiNY 2: 66 Web & Mobile App icon family
TiNY Bold - set of 36 UI icons
Housestyle & branding for a web application
First 9 icons of an upcoming set
Setting personal priorities in a palliative phase
Glowing icon family
Iconfont for the Care Dependency Scale (CDS)
Christian Personal Coach logo
Icon family for a healthcare application
Natural Networking Festival visual identity
Branding concept, Appsite and UI for media mashup app
UI design for name-chains webshop
Ad campaign voor G-AMEland
Visual Identity for a Social Entrepreneur
Logo Unity Express
Joyful 'F' logomark
Logo symbol local emergency services
Logo & App icon for Moda CMS
Logo for Interior Design & Consultancy firm
Logo Hecta
Concept illustration for Ecohacking
Entertainment production company logo
One determined dolphin
Switchboard logo
Corporate identity for an internet architect
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