About Wouter
Designer of digital products and services since 2012


My name is Wouter

Thank you for taking an interest in the person behind the work.

With Wouter on board you get:
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A creative person

This manifests in the ability to switch easily between high level and detail level to connect all relevant dots. I am a conceptual thinker and I approach my profession as a craft.


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A sensible person

This manifests in the ability to get to the root cause, problem or goal by asking questions. I can find balance in different perspectives and interests by looking at the context from multiple angels.

#field study

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A team player

This manifests in the ability to get along quickly. I operate best in service of the greater good. And always aware of the funny side of a situation to keep the spirit light.


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An autonomous person

This manifests by the fact that I am self-taught through experience in practice and self-study. I mix aspects from various models and methods to fit the challenge at hand. Questioning the status quo and offering an outsiders' perspective.

#design thinking
#high standards

My motto:
"Bring some artistry and joy into any given working day"
My approach

Design is a craft

An experience is determined by emotion, a complex compilation of feelings, beliefs and context.

Succes is mainly a result of people's ambition, happiness, intuition and perseverance.

The drivers behind these things are hard to measure. To create something successful that people will like, enjoy, or even love to use, you need something equally immeasurable in the mix of big data and analytics.

That is why I believe my artistic capabilities are such an asset in the work that I do.

Context is everything

By listening to people and observing their behaviours I am able to design applications that help people perform tasks better, faster and with more joy.

This is why going on a field study (aka go gemba) is my preferred way of doing research. When I tune in on the surroundings and witness the way people act I gather rich qualitative insights, spot pain points, and possibilities for improvements.

Latest portfolio entry

UX Design for a tailor made .NET application to support the whole process of growing and shipping mini tubers.

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Interaction Design Foundation

Multiple Certificates 
(see full list)

(2021 - present)

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UX Academy

Senior UX Leadership Certificate


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UX Design Institute

Professional Diploma 
in UX Design

(2019 - 2020)

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School for Commercial Communication

Art Direction in Advertising

(2000 - 2002)

(in years)
UX Design
Visual Design
Logo & Icons
Agile, Scrum


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Tools I love to use
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