My name is Wouter

UX Artist
Designer of enterprise software applications since 2012

"Fijne vent, goed werk."
"Nice chap, good work."
An old quote, but I still deliver this same promise
(in years)
UX Design
Visual Design
Agile, Scrum
Logo & Icons

I see UX design as a craft

By talking to people and observing their behaviours I am able to design software tooling that helps them perform tasks better faster and with more joy.

I always start with drawing. Whether it is with pencils and paper or markers on whiteboards.

My hands have 4 decades of experience in expressing what goes on in my head. 

No skill I possess can ever beat that.

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Interaction Design Foundation

Various Certificates 
(see full list)

(2021 - present)

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UX Academy

Senior UX Leadership


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UX Design Institute

Professional Diploma 
in UX Design

(2019 - 2020)

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School for Commercial Communication

Art Direction

(2000 - 2002)

An improvised Obeya-like 'war room' during the Eden project for HZPC.

An improvised Obeya-like 'war room' during the Eden project for HZPC.

What I do

I help employees of medium-large organisations to perform their job better, faster and with more joy.

I do this by designing tailor made software tooling to improve the support of their day-to-day work activities.

As a UX design professional I create strategic solutions on the junction of business goals and employee needs. I am specialized in designing enterprise software applications in an agile environment.

In this process, empathy is my superpower. I am a strong team player, and when it comes to my own area of expertise, I act autonomously.

The outcome: a more efficient way of working, less errors, and happier people!

Latest portfolio entry

UX Design for a tailor made .NET application to support the whole process of growing and shipping mini tubers.

Who I have worked with

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